PIMS Business Model

1. Global Stock Forecast Solutions

  •  If you need a stock robo advisor in your country, consider a partnership with PIMS.

2. Robo Advisor’s Inspection Platform Build Business

  • Provides Global Social Trading Services with a trusted Robot Advisor

3.  Expansion of forecast solution for non-stock business area

4. All services of PIMS are created by the needs of our customers and we will build a monetary unit to create greater added value.


Launching Robo Advisor Social Trading Service


Robo Advisor Candidate Start Verification


Robo Advisor candidate recruitment start


Robo adviser verification system construction


Stock Algorithm App Service Opened

1 Sep 2018

Unbalanced energy digitization

10 Oct 2012

Relative absolute energy digitization

1 Oct 2006

Defining a multidimensional Analysis Data Model

1 Sep 2005

KOSPI 200 Indexes Data analysis Start

PIMS is a long-time sustainable system
We will do our utmost to become.